Monday, July 16, 2007

C Programming

This is my third blog entry. My name is Chris and I have recently begun to teach myself the basics about programming in C. While I still find the language very confusing I am beginning to see the basics about how the language works and how detailed you have to be while writing in it if you are to get the results you are wishing for. When I master this language I am sure that I will use it often to pursue many different activities.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My name is Chris and this is my second blog. One subject that interests me immensely is the subject of genetics. This subject interests me because of the possibilities that it opens as more and more progressions are made into the subject. I find that as more advances are made into this field we will have to make difficult decisions. With the power of genetics the human race could modify and perfect itself but at the cost of losing many things that are important to us today, such as the challenge of sports and the diversity of our race. So I suppose that the question that needs to be asked is if it would be worth it to improve ourselves at the cost of our humanity.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1st entry

This is my first blog entry. My name is Chris and I have been taking Taekwondo for about two years now. An interesting thing that Taekwondo (and many other martial arts) has is the belt progression system. At my school it takes about two months to progress up each belt rank (with adequate pauses for preparation after attaining certain belts) but different schools probably have different time rates for ascension in the ranks (white, yellow, high yellow, orange, green, high green, blue, high blue, brown, red, high red, jr. black, and black at my school). One of the other interesting things about Taekwondo is the culture it contains. By taking this art I have learned much about Korean culture such as numbers and terminology as well as knowledge about self defence tequnices and Korean philosophy. Taekwondo is a fun sport that I plan to enjoy for a long time.